Sunday, 16 November 2014

Nadipathy Free Holistic Camp @ Amarachinta, MahabubNager, Telangana 9th to 23rd November 2014

6th day- Nadipathy's Free Holistic Health Camp @ Amarachinta, MahabubNagar,

On the 6th day of Free Nadipathy Health camp @ Amarchinta, Mahbubnagar District there were 900 patients of different ailments had undergone treatment.

On the eve of World Diabetes day - today there were many patients who are suffering from Chronic Diabetes like Diabetes wounds, These patients were specially treated on their wounds by Leech Therapy that sucks all the bad blood and the process of cleaning the wound had done. This made the patients more comfortable and happy,Nadipathy team had adviced that Leechs would give a good relief for many chronic wounds,Arthritis,body pains, and many cysts too.

Dr .Raju's team and other volunteers had a great participation and helping in assisting at the camp.
The Camp in charge charge Dr. Bala subramanyam and the Doctors - Dr Vijaya , Dr. Sontosh and Therapists Mr.Prasad, Mr Lokesh , And Swarajalakshmi were taken the active participation.

In Todays camp also , the doctors had treated most of the patients of 900 who are suffering from Eye related issues,Chronic Diabetes and remaining are from different ailments

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